Quality control and custom packaging

Controlled processing, from production to packaging.


Quality control

The entire production takes place in the Cora workshop; therefore, the quality of every single product is tested daily. Each processing phase is carried out by qualified personnel and the training of resources is constant. The quality control procedure follows a protocol tailored for each individual customer: the regulations indicated in finishing specifications are complied with and customised for each brand with which we collaborate.

quality control

To ensure the quality required for each delivery, Cora creates a complete history of each object already in the design phase, starting from the technical data sheet, a complete photo album and a reference master.

All the metals and components used are top class and the processes carried out by external companies are certified. Made in Italy is a value that guarantees high quality and control of the production supply chain thanks to a direct and constant relationship with its suppliers.

Custom packaging

One of the essential characteristics of a quality product intended for leading fashion brands is the packaging. Cora follows all logistics procedures providing a fully customised product packaging service. The packaging can be carried out by following the instructions of the reference customer or, if requested, a new line of customised packaging will be created.

Cora’s goldsmithing workshop creates customised packaging for your brand.

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