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Perfect finishing

The finishing process is a production phase carried out in the Cora workshop that involves perfecting a product: all the processes are carried out by qualified professionals.

goldsmithing creations - design

Enamels and varnishes

In fashion accessories, bijoux and in goldsmithing creations, the colours specified in the design phase are applied.

Lapped enamel

This application is carried out before the galvanising process. The enamel is poured into the grooves that are especially designed to be filled. This type of enamel requires further finishing after its application.


This is the colour that is applied after the galvanising process. It covers the metal surface that will finish the whole jewel. The varnishes applied are at the customer’s request, according to various possibilities.

and setting

The jewels are enriched with rhinestones and precious stones according to the requirements and the initial project [*link to design page. The difference is substantial, but in both cases, the products made by the Cora workshop are meticulously followed with great care and attention to detail.

  • Bonding
    After the galvanising process, resins, stones or rhinestones are bonded into the previously created cavity. This finish is carried out at the end of the production process.

  • Setting
    Setting is an ancient technique and is used to insert diamonds or zircons directly on the wax, before casting, through a pre-setting process.
resins, stones or rhinestones

Meticulous processes and attention to detail.

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