Oreficeria Cora: fine Italian costume jewellery

Sixty years’ experience in the art of goldsmithing.

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A passion that transforms

Cora was founded in 1963 with the exclusive production of gold and silver chains and investment casting. Following market requests, the production also turned to processing bronze and brass alloys, needed for the production of artistic items and useful to the fashion market.

"What makes our company stand out is that it has been able to adapt the goldsmithing processes to other types of products and different markets."

Artistic goldsmithing and Investment casting

Investment casting made it possible to process alloys, maintaining a production quality and perfection that was previously dedicated only to valuable materials such as gold and silver.

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The rapid prototyping
of jewellery

Since 2010, Cora’s goldsmithing workshop has been working with prototyping machines: firstly, with the involvement of external partners, then with the purchase and creation of a department with 3D printers suitable for the fashion supply chain. A benefit that has contributed to making each processing step of the products precise and fast, as well as lowering their prices.

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Haute couture
costume jewellery

Thanks to the meticulous and controlled processing, the result of years of experience, Cora is one of the leading workshops for the production of products for haute couture. Hundreds of products a year commissioned by the most famous brands go on the runways of the most renowned haute couture shows, such as the Milano Fashion-Week. In addition to bijoux, decorative accessories for clothing, footwear and leather goods are made.


Many brands require production measures to be in line with their environmental projects, which is why Cora is planning to establish eco-sustainable production that is focused on the parameters defined by its customers.

Company quality certification
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

In September 2022, Oreficeria Cora achieved the TUV certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, which guarantees the company's focus on continuous improvement in terms of management, quality and efficiency.
The ISO 9001 quality system reflects the commitment and effort of Oreficeria Cora to refine the company's dynamics in order to ensure continuously improved products and services to the market, according to the highest recognised standards.

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