From the creation of a 3D drawing to prototyping.

Studied finishes and customised projects

Always focused on its customers’ needs, Cora, thanks to the expertise and inventiveness of its creative studio, manages to develop a new product from any type of material supplied: ideas, sketches, photographs, existing objects.

The company’s in-house creative studio deals with devising, developing and prototyping each commissioned project:

icona parte artistica

Artistic Part:

each product can be made by following a guideline delivered by the customer or can be completely devised by Cora experts. Focus, imagination, the development of ideas and meticulous attention to detail, make the artistic processing of costume jewellery a real strong point of the company.

icona parte meccanica

Mechanical Part:

thanks to prototyping and investment casting, Cora also makes mechanical parts or closures without having to use CNC machines. Due to investment casting, it is able to work up to 12-16 microns, ensuring total precision.

With Cora imagination is a constant!

Cora has established a creative studio composed of a team of professionals coming from years of 2D graphics for design, style and all the artistic section. The weaving together of ideas, proposals, interests and the ongoing search for novelties make Cora the best choice for brands seeking expertise and quality.


Benefits of

To see first-hand, the creation resulting from a well-defined project is a benefit for both the customer and the workshop. Through rapid prototyping, Cora can quickly see how the product being processed is created, as well as already studying the parts that will be lost during the investment casting process. Through £D printing, the product can be seen before proceeding with the production. In 2020, a prototyping service on resin was added, which is useful for those who want to control a project during the intermediate design phase in a quick and transportable way.

Make the accessory for your haute couture line with Cora.

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