Jewellery and fine costume jewellery production

Investment casting, Welding, Polishing and Galvanising.

Investment casting

Thanks to the investment casting process, many items that CNC machines are not able to make, can be produced. The versatility of this processing allows multiple materials to be handled, ensuring unique quality, a product taken care of to the finest detail and managing to make moulds with undercuts.
To make the lost wax casting process optimal, the entire preparation phase is extremely important: design through 3D software and prototyping will determine the perfection of the jewel matrix. A process that allows any type of jewel or accessory, including the most complex, to be made, providing the possibility to create, according to the customer’s imagination.

investment casting process


Through mechanical procedures, the jewellery and accessories that are created are cleaned to remove imperfections. Through the continuous centrifugal movement of the tanks, the items are tumbled, removing any excess material and irregularities.


The items are processed by means of an automatic welding machine or by an operator to carry out meticulous assembly or finishing procedures. Welding in a goldsmithing workshop guarantees quality processing on any part size: technology in the hands of experts from the goldsmithing sector who attentively take care of every detail.



Polishing a jewel or accessory is a very delicate phase as the designed shape needs to be preserved. Cora’s experts that are in charge of this process, ensure specific care by achieving excellent conditions for the subsequent processing of each object.


the beauty of a jewel

The galvanising process is completely carried out by the Cora workshop in all its phases.
For each customer, this service follows the indications of the required galvanic finishing specifications.

Cleaning and washing:
the material is prepared for galvanising by eliminating imperfections, even through ultrasonic washing cycles.

Galvanic process:
the industrial technique for coating metals is carried out by electroplating precious metal.

the companies we work with issue certificates of conformity for each processed batch.

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